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My ‘Taste the Rainbow’ series was in response to the banning of female ejaculation in pornography, on the grounds of ‘obscenity’, in 2012. The misogyny is rife here. Why is an ejaculating vagina considered so much more offensive to the UK government than an ejaculating penis?


A comment I saw on Reddit sums it up nicely: “So in summary, the BBFC* takes no direct stance on whether female ejaculation exists, but takes the position that all filmed female ejaculation is just pissing and therefore against obscenity laws in regard to filming urination. This would throw actual, genuine and involuntary female ejaculation (regardless of the chemical composition of the ejactulate) under the bus. They're basically saying "it's all pee and therefore gross and immoral. BAN."


The art is a celebration of all our excretions - as a natural and necessary part of being female and human.

The show ran for a weekend in conjucntion with Power of Women festival at Hold Creative Spaces in Ramsgate.

Here are a few of the pieces from the exhibition:



"Feeling Fruity" (detail)

20240330_123313 (1).jpg
20240330_123349 (1).jpg



IMG_20240201_151853 (1).jpg

"The Eyes Glaze Once"

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