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In the past, I've not been a stranger to using photoshop or Illustrator to complement the work I do using traditional techniques. Not very often though and I found it a little clunky when only having a mouse to navigate the canvas. But, in principle, I've always been up for it. No purism over here, uh uh.

Well 2021 has found me in possession of an Ipad, an Apple pencil and Procreate.....and boy have I been having fun with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm an old-fashioned gal at heart and I don't think I'll ever be able to walk away from the messiness of real ink and paint, or the glide of a pen over my trusty bristol board but I'm so excited for this new tool at my artistic disposal. I can draw on the go now (not that I'm going anywhere at the moment - thanks virus) but it used to be a pain having to drag all my utensils around with me. I remember once an unfortunate incident in a Danish airport toilet whilst on tour with my band, and my full black inkpot had bust open insde my suitcase. You can imagine the mess. No such worries with the old tablet, thankfully.

I love that I can work out ideas digitally without wasting paper or paint. I find myself being braver with my colour choices and I am learning new techniques that I am transferring over and incorporating in my traditional work. The two are working perfectly in tandem and I'm very excited to keep walking this path. Here are just a few of the drawings that kicked off my 2021. Prints can be found in my store here:

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