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It's going to be a heck of a week in the Belaruski camp with not 1... not 2... but THREE group shows in both London and Hastings! I've submitted prints and original art and I will be attending all three exhibitions so hopefully I'll meet some of you at (at least) one of them. Here are all the details:

First up, I'm really excited to be joining the party at Well Hung's Birthday Bash on the 6h Dec. I cycle past this gallery in Shoreditch regularly and I'm consistently struck by the amazing art in their window. In their own words:

To mark this memorable occasion, we will be showcasing work from most of the artists we have exhibited over the years and also introducing new artists to the mix.  We will have a huge selection of affordable, framed pieces available for under £300. If you see something you like, you can take it home there and then.

Next up (and opening on the same night) is in a gallery that's become a firm favourite of mine and the venue that hosted my last solo show 'Monstrous!' in July: Flaxon Ptootch! I recognise a few of the names on there and I wonder if it will end up as raucous a night as last time.

And last up, on the 8th Dec I can't wait to show a couple of pieces at SeeSpray Gallery's new group show which is opening alongside Sue Tilley's show 'Me, Me, Me and Some Flowers". SeeSpray is situated in Hastings which has become like my second home recently so it's great to be finally taking some work down there.

(Interesting fact: Sue was a muse for the late, great Lucian Freud, most notably in his painting 'Benefits Supervisor Sleeping'.)

No sleep for the next week then!


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