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NEW LTD EDITION PRINT - "Beautiful Damned"

"Beautiful Damned" now available in A3 and A4

Hi everyone. I can barely believe it's been nearly a year since my Beautiful Damned exhibition I curated at London's BSMT Space, in February 2020.

I look back on this period fondly. It was my last big show before lockdown - there was no fear yet, just excitement, and I'm so glad to have been able to go into the rest of this bizarre and difficult year with a successful show just before the UK locked down.

It looks like (touch wood!) the world might finally be about to turn a corner with the virus, and it feels like the right time to release this print. It's of my original Beautiful Damned drawing, which I then scaled up and adapted slightly to create the painting that became the centrepiece of the exhibition (that is also for sale in my online shop, complete with a beautiful bespoke gothic frame).

It's proved to be one of my most popular pieces, and there is something about the delicacy and hopefulness of the original drawing that I like, and wanted to convey with the print.

Weirdly, the virus hadn't hit the UK yet when I drew it - portentous or what? I certainly didn't expect to be still wearing a mask 12 months later.

"Beautiful Damned"

Ltd Edition print of 50 A3 (£75) and 50 A4 (£55)

Printed on superb quality Hahnemühle Hemp paper

Hand signed and numbered

Worldwide shipping available


Enjoy! X

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