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Hello friends and comrades,

I'm having an open studio day on Sat 13 July, come and say hi! (RSVP only - I'm just by Lea Bridge Station, E10 7AG, message me for details)

I've been at my lovely studio for a few months now.. Working on loads of new things, which means the place is filling up with art fast! I realised I have a lot of pieces that, for various reasons, many of you won't have seen before, especially in the flesh. So I'm opening up my studio for the day* to anyone that would like to come and peruse some of my art, have a chat and see how I work!

I'll have pieces for sale you can take away on the day ranging from my little Inktober sketches last year up to much larger pieces on canvas, paper, board and drum skins, as well as prints.

To make sure I have time to show everyone round and have a proper chat, let me know roughly what time you'd like to come and I'll book you in.

* I'll be laying the work out for the day to make it easy to browse, but if you can't make the date feel free to get in touch anyway and we can arrange a viewing for another time.

Oh, and if you know of anyone who might be interested please feel free to pass them the details!


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